Monday, February 12, 2018

Love.....ooooh Love

What is to love if not to be loved?
what is love if not laced by sacrifice?
what is love if not colored by grace?
what is love if there are no gaps to fill,
And misunderstandings to mend
what is love if there are no agonies to endure
And memories to remember,
For the sake of love.
What is love if its dull and dim,
If there are no bright sparkling moments,
And no staring at the moon,
And no watching the sun go down. 

They say its holding hands in the street,
And sipping coffee at the Hilton terrace,
Or even going on holiday to Mada,
Or seeing the Eifel tower.
So whats this love that cures and heals?
My hunch tells me tis' the simple moments
Of deep reflection.
Of seeing the twinkle little star in the eye of another,
That lights the fire of a lifetime,
And does away with finite time,
Into the abode of carefree abandon,
And into the safety of another for the other.

If seeing places,
And watching the california moonlight does it,
If it lights a selfless effort in the soul,
And gives another the freedom  to be themselves,
Then its love.
If the labours are for show and not meant,
The two then are chained.
Both then are like caged birds that sing,
Singing not songs of love but of bondage
Until they know what love means,
And they then sing for love
Because they know what it means to them.
And the colour of it only they can tell.

Monday, January 29, 2018


There among the people of kusu,
Lived a warrior by the name Lusa.
He never lost  a fight but once-
That cold winter morning was different
People presumed him winner,
Even before the fight started.
He had a weakling called Kita for an opponent,
And so the people thought he would pounce on him,
Mould him like clay,
Pull him by the thick beard that was his trademark,
And win the fight without breaking a sweat.
But it was never to be,
Kita,knowing his losing status,
Took the fight to Lusa.
And so Lusa fought to maintain his winning status,
While Kita fought to win.
And so as the fight progressed,the people clapped,
They also sung in praiseof  Lusa,
They were not used to someone else winning,
And so Lusa sung along as he fought,
Still,the belts were tucked on his waist
It was still his fight to lose
While for Kita,it was his fight to win
Lusa got carried away.
And so he would throw a punch,miss,and clap
He was happy because the people were happy,
And they wanted him to win.
Kita knew too well that this did not count,
The singing could be deferred to  later.
What counted were the hits
And he accumulated them untill it was too late for Lusa,
Too late to make a comeback.
And that was how Lusa,the greatest lost to Kita
People would then tell stories to their children,
Teaching them virtue and vice
And they would say
Do not lose like Lusa of Kusu who lost to Kita as he clapped.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jesus Christ The Nazarene

No one knew your place
Not even joseph your father
Nor Mary your Mother.
By prophecy you came into being
so that of man you would not be stained nor restrained
And from sin you would be exempted.
Like any other child you grew,
with every day hustles of life,
What with Herod claiming your head?
And apprenticing at your dads workshop?

Mary your mother never believed.
who,being pure would believe anyway?
Joseph reluctantly agreed,
Because he no part played.
You came to master the world,
and knew  where it pained
You knew love would heal everything.
Being social, you attended functions
And when no drink was available
you turned water into wine.

You did many more miracles
 I remember when you raised Jairu's daughter.
Some other time you walked on water
And peter,doubting thought it  wasn't you
He thought it was a geenie
Some of your interventions were amazing,and timely too
Like when you fed the 5,000 with fish and bread.
You sympathized and empathized,
Restored sight in eyes gone blind,healed
And calmed the storm.

You did not have a great education to boot
But you became the greatest teacher,
Comparing situations through proverbs,
Talking about truths,untruths and half truths,
And giving fatherly advise as you went on with ministry
You never wanted so much a mention of your deeds
Yet your works and fame went far
And so others could not understand,asking
Who is this  Jew ?
Does he even know the law?

Just like you came,
You had to die so as to take the place of our sin
And fulfill prophecy
So as to make our mortal nature immortal
And cleanse our blemished nature
Planting God's supremacy forever and ever
And so that Glory may endure forever
You rose from the dead and now you reign
We may never know who you were
But we know who you are to us
A living hope among and within us.
As we celebrate christmas once again
Remembering your birth in a lowly manger
We say Happy Birthday
Jesus Christ the Nazarene.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Goodwill,The Prayer.

May the sun shine on you today
and forever more.
Where the wicked lay their traps
and where those abounding in ill lurk,
May the lord prepare a feast of victory
Not because you deserve,
But because he despises an evil eye .
May God maintain the stillness of your breath,
Clothe you with honour and raise you up.
Just in case you meet a stranger in need,
May you be swift to discern who he is,
because from the father he may be sent
To test your abundance.
And to test your faith.
May you find it in you to raise weak souls,
And wake  slumbering giants,
So they may know what lies in them,
And when you meet warring factions,
May you be the peacemaker that drives out hate.
Where decisions are needed,
As it happens always,
May your word appease to both
And appeal to all.
And when you may want to proclaim his good deeds,
May the path you plant your feet get lined with gold
And the walls,out of gemstone be made,
So it may be easy for the unbelieving to believe.
As you go out and come back,
May his beam light your path,
And as you travel to far away places,
Meeting new people and making friends,
May all those experiences make your soul rich
Yearning for the maker of them all.

Friday, December 1, 2017


I, feeling as i feel,
And seeing as i see,
That the world is not anything more
than I and you.
Knowing that men,
And women too,
In their different ways think and act

To put to life their being.
And to put life in their being.
To be, then is to be the I,
And nothing else matters
As it shouldn't either.
To be fire is to be the flame that consumes,
the sparkle, and the light.
All as one,all in one
For victory is one over self,
And not of the world,
And not for the world.
Its to redeem the genius that sleeps,
To awaken the true 'I in Me and You'
To grow, and glow, and still not show.
For the wind which cometh
and elevates men to show,
Knows too how to catch into oblivion.
That spirit speaks not the language of being,
It knows not the ways of the spirit,the I.
What use will it be then?
Safe to slay the I in Me and You.
Though men be the same,
And their deeds tally,
Of different template they come.
For same reason,
Though a man goes down once,
He,can rally back,
Bringing to order the fragments,
And establishing the I in him,
That eternal indestructible element.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The dark cloud

You're looking for a silver lining,
on a dark cloud that hangs!
And there is none.
Forget the evening star,
that dazzles the sky.
Forget the beautiful nights,
Made of choruses and triumph stories.
There is a heavy day that's coming.
We want to bury ourselves,
Right in the same sand we stand,
And hope that we're resilient enough,
To fight our weak instincts,
when hell breaks loose.

But wait a little bit,
For how long can we be provoked without fighting?
For how long can you accomodate a weaker man
from  the same species?
How long can they make us hate them?
For how long can they make us be like them?
Will hating them help us,or even them
Will it add to our portion,or diminish it
Will it brighten the dark cloud?

War is not anybodys master.
Ask south sudan,ask lebanon,ask them all.
Closer home,ask Rwanda
All have got a story they don't want to repeat,
Except in memorials,
As they remember their loved ones-now dead

As the days go by,
The dark cloud sags from weight.
It could be a warning,but there it is,
You could as well say goodbye to freedom.
Say goodbye to peaceful nights as you know them.
Even forget the beautiful sunset and dazzling sunrise.
And get accustomed to the cock of guns.
Where anybody can be a victim
As the dark cloud darkens.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Its About The People!

Governments are made by the  people.
Its about their lives,
The way theyl'd like to live,
And to organize themselves.
And what  are laws for,
If they don't serve the mass?
If the laws serve sectoral interests,
In a greedy craze for power,
That is never law!
Its some form of jungle observance.
Its a predator- prey game
It can't be that it is well ,
When our wishes to elect are not respected!
It is not enough to restrain ourselves,
And say that it is well.
It cannot be well when the majority,
Are told their choice don't matter.
It is not enough to tell us that the courts said so!
Are not courts supposed to be subservient,
to the rule of law and the law of people?
What the are elections for?
If there is always another way at it!
has it become ping pong?
So you can always hit it this or the other way.
How long can we hold this thought?
Even history is not replete with such to learn from!
This is colonization,second time around.
We've got to decolonize our minds.
And see this not so good picture before us.
They say peace peace during the day.
While at night they preach war.
They who detest peace.
They drive hatred among the people
And their tongue cuts like a double edge sword.
Who will tell the people ,
That their determination at the cue stands?
Who will tell them that it is supreme.
Who will tell them that it stands high?
High on the shoulders of all the laws of the land.
Who will tell the people,
That the resoluteness of their vote,
Is a thousand times richer,
Than the decision of a few however brainy.
Its all about the people,
who brave the chilly weather.
It is about they, who faced with a choice,
And with no coercion whatsoever,
Do exercise their inalienable right.
This, crystallizes our rights.
It simmers the justice we swore to defend,
Into a marble which though malleable,
Always takes back the shape of the people.
If the people so say,
And in agreement they executive their scheme,
That on that day none will cast,
Who then becomes the leader?
Who then takes the other to court?
Who petitions and who responds?
Its all about the people!